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Ever had to learn a costly lesson the hard way?  Most of us have, here’s a new concept in how to help avoid throwing your hard earned horse $$ away!

Let me be your "EQUINE PLANNING CONSULTANT"… As the owner of Patch Work Farm, a very dedicated breeder of high quality Hanoverian sport horses, I have spent many years working towards ease of farm management. I want to spend more time with my foals/horses than working in the barn.

I can help you to determine the type of barn you want to build or change an existing building into a functional facility…planning on building a ring or adding/changing fencing, paddock planning, run in sheds, bedding bins, where to put plumbing, electricity, riding arenas and types of surfaces? The list can and does go on and on!

These are all areas that I had to consider when making a casual horse property into a breeding farm/dressage facility…if only someone had been available to help me! I will offer suggestions, possible changes along with names of excellent contacts to assist in building the situation to suit your needs. There are many different disciplines and many different types of horses, but most of our needs are the same. As owners, we want to provide safe shelters for our horses that take little time away from enjoying them. [Through the process of remodeling an older barn and completing the process of building a new barn, I have learned what I would do again and what I would not.]

Please contact me at: PATCH WORK FARM, Purcellville, Va. 540-338-5304; or j.leroux@erols.com

Jeannette Leroux, Professional Equine Concepts


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